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Pressure Sealers


Low Volume


FD 1000


FD 1000The FD 1000 is a quick and easy solution for processing single pressure seal forms. Ideal for one-off forms and re-runs the FD 1000 works best as a backup for a primary pressure sealer, and with no setup or adjustments required you get a secure, ready-to-mail piece in seconds. The FD 1000 can accommodate a variety of form sizes and fold types up to 5 ½” in folded width and can process up to 24 pre-folded forms per minute. 


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FD 1202


FD 1202Our most compact standard pressure sealer, the FD 1202 is perfect for any office with low-volume applications. Featuring clearly marked fold plates, a drop-in feed system and simple controls this machine is a breeze to operate. Capable of processing 38 forms per minute as well as 14” forms, the FD 1202 is a small package that packs a big punch.


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FD 1402


FD 1402The FD 1402 offers a step up in both speed and capabilities from the FD 1202. Though still considered a low-volume solution, this machine can process up to 75 forms per minute and the adjustable fold plates are marked for both 11” and 14” fold sizes. The FD 1402 is also the most compact pressure sealer model equipped with a resettable six-digit piece counter.


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Mid Volume


FD 1502


FD 1502Operating at up to 100 forms per minute and in sizes up to 14” in length, the FD 1502 is an ideal mid-volume solution for processing single-piece pressure sensitive mailers. And with easy to adjust fold plates that can be set to four marked, standard folds (Z, C, Uneven Z and Half) or for any custom fold, the FD 1502 is easy to use right out of the box.


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FD 1502 Plus


FD 1502 PlusOperating similar to the FD 1502, the FD 1502 Plus offers on important feature that drastically improves its processing efficiency, the integrated output conveyor. This conveyor stacks your finished pieces after processing, allowing for a much more efficient and hands-free approach to your pressure sealing.


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FD 2002


FD 2002With a hopper capable of holding 250 forms and the ability to operate at up to 8,000 forms per hour, the FD 2002 is our most efficient mid-volume pressure sealer. With numerous features unavailable on less robust models, such as fine-tuning knobs for precision folds, jog control and fault detection, the FD 2002 isn’t just a step up in efficiency but also in ease of operation. The FD 2002 also includes options to add a fully enclosed storage cabinet as well as an 18” conveyor for the stacking of processed forms.


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FD 2002IL In-Line System


FD 2002 In-Line SystemThe FD 2002IL In-Line System interfaces the FD 2002 with model specific MICR and non-MICR desktop laser printers (not included) to provide improved document security. The system’s enclosed paper-path is specifically designed to conceal sensitive documents during their processing, requiring no eyes on your job until it’s been printed, sealed, and stacked on the FD 2002’s exit conveyor, eliminating the time-consuming task of unloading forms from the printer and into the pressure sealer in the process.


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High Volume


FD 2032


FD 2032The FD 2032 offers a compact solution for those with high-volume pressure sealing needs. Along with the familiar, user-friendly features available in Formax’s mid-volume machines (jog control, fault detection, and a six-digit counter) the FD 2032 offers a larger feed-hopper, allowing for 350 forms to be loaded into the machine and an improved processing speed of 11,000 forms per hour.  A fully enclosed storage cabinet and an 18” conveyor for the stacking of processed forms are also available as add-ons.


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FD 2054


FD 2054Operating at up to a whopping 16,450 forms per hour and with the ability to automatically detect and adjust for 11, 14, or 17 inch forms, the FD 2054 is the top-of-the-line in tabletop pressure sealing. It features 5 pre-programmed standard folds, the ability to program and store up to 35 custom fold presets, as well as an integrated stacker capable of holding up to 500 processed forms.

Optional additions to the FD 2054 include a storage cabinet, the 402 Series Joggers, and the V-Stack36 Stacker, capable of stacking up to 22” of processed forms for an even more hands-free approach to your form processing.


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Production Volume


FD 2096


FD 2096The FD 2096 is a production-volume pressure sealer with a robust, bottom-suction air-feed system that allows for the continual loading of forms and can operate at up to 30,000 pieces per hour. Designed for both durability and efficiency, this machine’s rugged metal fold plates come with both standard and metric markings, while the durable polyurethane fold rollers and the transition ball transport-deck eliminate the need for mid-job adjustments. The FD 2096 also comes with a 24” output conveyor which can be collapsed for convenient storage.


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FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone


FD 2200-10 Stand-AloneThe FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone pressure sealer is the perfect solution for high volume mailers looking to enhance their exiting flood model folding systems with pressure-sealing capabilities. Purchasing this sealer-only system versus a complete folding and sealing solution greatly reduces up-front cost while adding production-volume pressure sealing capabilities to your mailroom. The FD2200-10 Stand Alone can process up to 40,000 forms per hour.


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FD 2300 Series


FD 2300 SeriesThe FD 2300 series are our most robust, production-level pressure sealers. Operating at speeds of up to 43,000 and replete with user-friendly features like a touchscreen control panel, the ability to program up to 200 custom jobs, and fully automated feeder, alignment rails, and fold plate settings, every machine in the FD2300 series is not only efficient but also easy to operate. Each of the four models in the series offer different in-feed options:


          FD 2300 – uses an air-feed system with a capacity of up to 500 forms

          FD 2300 EX – uses an extended air-feed system with an increased capacity of up to 1000 forms

          FD 2350 – uses a pile-feed system that can reach a capacity of up to 3500 loaded forms

          FD 2380 – works in-line with the FD 676 Maxi Burster for processing continuous forms.


Any of these options can be outfitted with the optional V-Stack 36 Vertical Stacker, which stacks up to 22” of processed form for easier unloading and handling.


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