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Letter Openers

Save Time and Automate Opening Your Mail with Letter Openers.


DL200 Letter Opener

For organizations with moderate incoming mail volume the DL200 vastly improves the speed of processing. It opens envelopes automatically handling mail pieces of varying dimensions and thickness while ensuring the safety of the operator with its shielded cutting mechanism.


  • Processes up to 250 envelopes per minute
  • The cutting device is securely housed inside the system so you and your employees are safe and protected.
  • The paper waste generated from the envelope is neatly stored in an easily accessible waste area.
  • Adjustable cutter gives you the flexibility to choose the depth that you want your envelopes to be opened – helping to protect the contents.
  • The counter can be reset to track the number of pieces each time you process mail.

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The FD452 Envelope Opener maximizes productivity by automating the time-consuming task of opening mail and is remarkably simple to use. Simply load any envelope, from a #10 to an oversized flat, and press start. In a flash your mail will have passed across the single-side cutting mechanism and stacked in the catch tray on the machine’s opposite side.

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