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The GP100/GP250 bench scales are a great solution for any customer with high-capacity scale needs. These scales are able to handle up to 100 and 250 pounds respectively and are able to switch between internal battery power or DC power via outlet, increasing its mobility in the office. Another key feature is the Weight Hold key, which allows the user to hold the weight on the display while they remove a large package that may block it.

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Model 311

A perfect solution for small mail and parcel needs. Compact, small, and an 11 pound capacity makes this scale great for low-end mailers looking for an independent weighing option.

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Model 325

Another durable and compact solution from Brecknell. The Model 325 boasts a 25 lb. maximum capacity and the option to use either external power or an internal nine volt battery, giving it much more versatility in the office.

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Model 7620

The most durable and high capacity scale in our Brecknell line of scales.  It has a capacity of 150lbs. making it a perfect scale for use by high end mailers.

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