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Mailing Systems


SendPro C-Series

The SendPro C-series is an unrivaled innovation in low-volume office mailing. Bundled with a free copy of the cloud-based SendPro Shipping Software, the C-Series offers not only the full functionality of a standard postage meter but also the ability to process packages and take advantage of all the Commercial-Base Pricing discounts offered by the USPS. And with the option to add on-board label printing, as well as the ability to process packages for UPS and Fed-Ex, it’s never been easier to make the C-Series your all-in-one shipping solution.

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SendPro® C-Auto

Process batches of letters, postcards and large envelopes quickly and easily with our
auto-feeding sending solution. Reverse separation technology minimizes jamming and automatically feeds mail at 120 letters per minute. Automatically save 5¢ on every First Class® letter* — plus get optional access to discounted presort rates. Print shipping labels directly from the device with optional label printer and receive Priority Mail discounts.

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SendPro Mail Center

Quickly process high volumes of mail with fast, automatic feeding and easily ship and track packages all from one reliable system. And bring new levels of efficiency to your organization with advanced technology that simplifies and streamlines your sending processes.

Maximize Savings on Everything You Send

Take advantage of saving on every piece of First-Class Mail & gain access to higher discounted shipping rates


• Save up to 89%** off USPS® shipping labels
• Automatically save 3¢ on every USPS First Class® letter postage.
• Gain access to additional savings with our presort rates.


• Save up to 86%* off daily UPS® rates
• Plus, avoid common surcharges to save even more.

Rely on Efficiency and Technology

Designed for fast, high-volume, automatic processing of mail using reliable technology that delivers the highest savings potential.
Ideal for businesses that send more than 500 mail pieces/week and 100 shipments/month.


SendPro MailCenter 1000 & 2000 Mailing Systems

Streamline your sending workflows

Designed for the fast processing of high-volume mail, our reliable technology delivers the highest savings potential for sending mail and packages.

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SendPro MailCenter 3000 Office Mail System

Achieve maximum productivity
Our most efficient model built to process mixed mail at speeds up to 205 letters per minute, eliminating time-consuming sorting of mail by weight and size. The MailCenter 3000 can process same-size mail at speeds of up to 310 letters per minute, optimizing your sending workflows and helping you to save. 

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