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Do you have a non-Pitney Bowes Postage Meter?

No problem, we can help! Click Here for Information on our Competitive Replacement Program

Faster Machines – American Made Equipment – Second to None Shipping Software – Larger Operation Screens + More


Save Time and Money

Simplify your Business Mailing and Shipping Process

Automatically pay correct postage and save 4¢ on every First Class letter.

SendPro C Lite

Easily process 50 letters per minute and light packages with a compact, semi-automatic machine. Print USPS shipping labels, track shipments and save even more with complimentary access to our online shipping software.

SendPro C Auto 

Speed up your mailings with automatic postage calculation, rate updates and speeds up to 120 letters per minute. Quickly compare rates and ship cost-effectively with an optional multi-carrier subscription.

SendPro MailCenter

Quickly process high volumes of mail with fast, automatic feeding and easily ship and track packages all from one reliable system. And bring new levels of efficiency to your organization with advanced technology that simplifies and streamlines your sending processes.

Comparing SendPro C Lite

Fast – Simple 7″ Touchscreen – Compact – USPS Shipping Included 

Ship Your Packages For Less

Discounted Rates for USPS-UPS-FedEx-DHL Express

Make smarter decisions with our top shipping software, backed by real-time data and insights designed to take your shipping to the next level.

Simplify Your Mailing Process
Introducing the SendPro® C-Auto

Process batches of letters, postcards and large envelopes quickly and easily with our
auto-feeding sending solution.

Reverse separation technology minimizes jamming and automatically feeds mail at 120 letters per minute. Automatically save 5¢ on every First Class® letter* — plus get optional access to discounted presort rates. Print shipping labels directly from the device with optional label printer and receive Priority Mail discounts. 

  • Weigh packages up to 15 lbs directly on the device with integrated scale.
  • Compare shipping options and print labels directly from any computer.
  • Track postage spend across departments, up to 500 accounts.
  • Rest-assured SendPro C Auto meets the latest USPS compliance guidelines.



What’s New!

USPS® announces new 2024 price increase for mailing services

Starting January 21, 2024, mailers will see another price increase to USPS mailing products such as First-Class Mail, Certified Mail, and Marketing Mail. These rates were recently approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) and mailers should start planning now.

Even though most mailing rates are increasing across the board, the First-Class Letter savings by using Dakota Mailing or our online Shipping Software saves you 4¢. The additional ounce rate for First-Class Mail will remain $0.24. Click here to see the updated rates

If your thinking of upgrading your equipment, have questions about your equipment or the new rate changes please contact us via mail, phone, fax or email we appreciate your continued business at Dakota Mailing and Shipping Equipment.


Xante Flatbed UV Printers X-16 & X-33

An affordable printing option to add income to your bottom line.
Stop sending your jobs out and do them in house with the X Series printers.
Print on almost anything!

Compact & Powerful Printers

  • Adjustable height print heads for both models.
  • Powered by iQueue, Xante’s Adobe® PostScript® 3 PDF
  • Resolution up to 2880 DPI.
  • The process is fast and renders strong, durable results.

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