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USPS® Price Changes

USPS® announces new 2024 price increase for mailing services.

Starting January 21, 2024, mailers will see another price increase to USPS mailing products such as First-Class Mail, Certified Mail, and Marketing Mail. These rates were recently approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) and mailers should start planning now.

Even though most mailing rates are increasing across the board, the First-Class Letter savings by using Dakota Mailing or our online Shipping Software saves you 4¢. The additional ounce rate for First-Class Mail will remain $0.24. The USPS says this latest increase is being driven primarily by an increase in operating expenses from inflation. There are some additional structural changes being proposed for Certificate of Mailing that will also affect mailers using special services like Certified Mail.

What can you expect for 2024? As always, Dakota Mailing remains committed to providing the best possible rates offered by the USPS. We are here to help you find ways to reduce the complexity and impact of rate changes for shipping and mailing. Below are some of the highlights of popular mailing services being affected.

First-Class Mail

Savings for Metered letters increases to 4¢ per letter. Savings for Certified Mail with electronic return receipt changes to $1.33 with no volume requirements.

  • 1-ounce Letters increase to $0.68
  • 1-ounce Metered Letters increase to $0.64
  • Additional ounce rate for Letters and Flats remains $0.24
  • Certified Mail fee increases to $4.40
    • Total 1-ounce Certified Mail cost increases to $8.69 for Retail Return Receipt (Green Card) (metered)
    • Total 1-ounce Certified Mail cost will be $7.36 for electronic Return Receipt (Savings of $1.33 vs. Green Card)

Other Services

  • Single Piece Library Mail increases to $3.92 up to 1lb
  • Single Piece Media Mail increases to $4.13 up to 1lb
First-Class Mail
Product Current Price Jan 2024 Change
1oz. Letter $0.66 $0.68 +$0.02
1 oz. Letter (metered) $0.63 $0.64 +$0.01
Postcards $0.51 $0.53 +$0.02
1 oz. Flats $1.35 $1.39 +$0.04
Additional Ounce $0.24 $0.24


Certified Mail
Extra Services Current Price Jan 2024 Change
Certified Mail $4.35 $4.40 +$0.05
Return. Receipt Retail $3.55 $3.65 +$0.10
Return. Receipt Electronic $2.20 $2.32 +$0.12

Our shipping software delivers a better way to send, track, and manage your Certified Mail, while saving you $1.33 on every piece – with no volume requirements.

The USPS is implementing new mailing regulations in 2024.

As of December 2024, IMI will replace the outdated IBI (Information Based Indicia) performance standard with newer, more sophisticated technology providing the Postal Service with more detailed real-time transaction data.